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February 2021

The UK NFP group of companies is enhancing our telephonic communication system by moving away from our current telephonic systems to Mitel. To find out about Mitel’s GDPR and privacy policy please click here:

Mitel is a UK based system, and we will only be using datacentres based in the UK in conjunction with this system. We are due to go live with the new Mitel system as of Thursday, 1st April 2021. 


Name: Mitel

Address: Castlegate Business Park, Portskewett, Monmouthshire, NP26 5YR

Purpose: Phone Systems


NFP in Europe will appoint Proofpoint Inc (details can be found below). as a new-sub processor to enhance our email protection, record keeping & compliance and information protection.

As you may be aware, when we appoint a new sub-processor, we are required under our GDPR policy to inform you of any changes that happen. To view our GDPR policy, please contact our compliance department on :

We can confirm that Proofpoint will only be used for these purposes and will not access data for any other reason or pass on to any further parties without subsequent advance notice. This notice qualifies as a notice of a new sub-processor under our existing data protection agreement obligations. 

Following the announcement of this new sub-processor, there will be 60 days to allow you to voice any concern that you have with this new system before it goes live on Tuesday 6th October 2020. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will put you in touch with a member of the team dealing with Proofpoint. 


Name: Proofpoint inc

Address: 892 Ross Drive Sunnyvale CA 94089

Purpose: Email protection, record keeping & compliance and information protection