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UK Employee Benefits

5 tips to create an employee benefits brand

Your benefits brand should go hand in hand with your workplace identity to help your benefits seem like something your employees can relate to...

Five ways that reward can motivate employees to stay with an organisation

With the market becoming more competitive, establishing a progressive culture and strengthening an employer brand is vital to attracting and retaining talent.

Is easy access to a GP the next ‘must have’ employee benefit?

With warnings of a ‘capacity crunch’ in UK healthcare, now could be the perfect time to implement this valuable wellbeing benefit.

Why your people’s wellbeing should be a priority in 2022

Since 2020, this has moved on dramatically. The world of work is no longer 9-5 in an office.  It would be fair to say that for most of us, work is now woven into the fabric of our lives, often having an overlap with our home life. 

Should you re-think your employee benefits in 2022?

Do your benefits currently support creating an environment where your people feel engaged and motivated, whether they’re on-site, hybrid or remote?

Is your organisation making the most of salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice has grown in popularity to become mainstream, with 70% of UK pension schemes using it as the default method of making contributions 

Five steps to effective benefits engagement

It’s vital to have a robust benefits engagement strategy that will help your people understand their benefits, and link them to feeling valued. 

2022 Spring Budget & Spending Review

We have pulled together a summary of the key policy announcements that were made in the 2022 Spring Budget and Spending Review

Why you should think long-term when building your financial wellbeing strategy

Every organisation needs a financial wellbeing strategy, now more than ever. People are inevitably struggling with post-pandemic debt and other money worries, and the stress has a direct impact on attendance, engagement and performance at work.