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Put a wealth of resources behind your portfolio.

No one else has the same assets, risks and vulnerabilities you do. It’s critical that your coverage is as individualised as your needs, and that you have the meticulous support necessary to uphold your long-term plans.

Our high-net-worth experts treat every client as an individual, tailoring everything we do to your specific needs. Our experts have deep experience partnering with high-net-worth individuals to create a fully customised strategy fit for your assets and lifestyle. We always begin with an in-depth conversation regarding your desired outcomes and current situation to ensure we are fully aligned with your goals.

We’ll work with you to make sure your coverage is tailored to meet your needs with a personalised, objective risk assessment that creates a comprehensive picture of your assets and objectively assesses what’s needed to protect your future. By sharing the nuances of certain risks and their potential damage, we can provide the information necessary for fully informed decisions, allowing you to feel confident in your choices.

As life changes, so will your protection needs. Any time your goals shift or unexpected events occur we will audit your entire insurance program. We’re able to:

  • Review your coverages and look for newly created gaps
  • Make sure coverage limits remain appropriate
  • Market your coverage to ensure the best placement and price
  • Evaluate your program components against new marketplace trends

No matter how unique your coverage requirements are, we have the technical expertise and deep industry knowledge needed to untangle complexity, discover efficiencies and answer questions with facts. Our insurance solutions, backed by some of the very best insurance underwriters, include high limits of excess liability coverage and protection for:

  • Additional properties and holiday homes
  • Annual travel
  • High-net-worth liability cover
  • High-value home including buildings, contents and valuables
  • High-value motor insurance
  • Worldwide coverage for jewellery, valuables and personal possessions

You don’t want your financial future left to chance, and neither do we. Our wealth management solutions are finely tuned to fit your unique needs. Allow us to help to secure your present and protect your future.

Forward thinking insurance solutions

We pride ourselves on working closely with our commercial clients, taking time to understand their business and growth patterns. This allows us to accurately assess the risks involved and explore how we can mitigate, reduce or eliminate exposure as we help you achieve business aspirations.


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