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What is employers' liability insurance?

As an employer, you’re naturally responsible for the safety of your people when they’re working. Employers’ liability insurance covers the third-party costs that a current or ex-employee is entitled to, should a work-related illness, injury or death befall them as a result of working for your business.

Should any of these eventualities occurs, a claim can be made against you which can result in heavy financial repercussions, such as damages, compensation costs and legal fees, all of which can be covered by the right employers’ liability policy.

Why is employers' liability insurance so important?

Fundamentally, employers’ liability insurance has been deemed important enough to be classed as a legal requirement for employers in the UK. Aside from the legal repercussions and hefty fines, not having employers’ liability would leave you vulnerable to costs such as:

  • Damages
  • Compensation costs
  • Legal fees

As well as worrying about expensive lawyers, the High Court has unlimited jurisdiction, meaning that there is no limit to the amount of money it can hand out in compensation for an employers’ liability claim.


the amount fined every day that you are not properly insured.

Gov UK


the average yearly cost of an employers’ liability policy, per office-based employee



of SMEs are thought to be underinsured

Insurance Times

NFP are an employers’ liability insurance partner you can trust

Our employers’ liability insurance professionals will use their expertise, connections and experience to provide you and your business with holistic, forward-thinking solutions that are right for you.

Listen to your needs

We will take the time to listen to and understand your employers' liability insurance needs, no matter how routine or complex, and help to deliver cover that aligns best with what you’re looking for.

Understand your goals

At NFP, we understand the complexities presented by the employers' liability space and that you will have your own specific goals and aspirations. Our experts are here to design a fully integrated approach to risk management with your goals in mind.

Create better outcomes

We’re serious about delivering on our promise to you. Our claims team will be here to help you achieve a fast, stress-free resolution to make sure your business is supported, should the worst happen.

Who do we support with employers' liability insurance?

Whether you have one or one thousand employees, we can help you find the cover that best aligns with your business’ needs.

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As a smaller company, it may be tempting to get a cheap, basic employers’ liability insurance policy, that doesn’t provide you with full cover but ticks a box and helps you to avoid fines. While comprehensive cover may be more of an investment, the consequences of not being fully protected could spell disaster for the future of your business. At NFP, we will help you to find cover that provides you with holistic protection, that meets your business’ individual needs and gives you peace of mind.

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Large corporations

As a large corporation, you may have access to the best safety equipment, safety measures and training – and you may think that this adequately prevents certain accidents from happening – but saving on less comprehensive cover is still very risky. Accidents can still happen, accidents result in claims, many claims end up in court and court has very considerable costs attached if you’re not fully protected.

Frequently asked questions about employers' liability insurance

Fines are very steep - reaching £2,500 for every day that you are not covered, with an additional fine of £1,000 for failure to display your employers’ liability certificate or refusal to make it available to inspectors upon request ( -

There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ cover with set prices that we offer. Our quote will be given after we have sat down with you to fully understand your business and its needs, with cost primarily depending on criteria like how many people you employ and the industry you operate in. Regardless of how much the cover is, it won’t compare to the costs relating to a claim.

Whatever your requirements, we as your broker and partner will strive to find you protection that meets the full extent of your needs. As well as your current, full-time employees, we can source solutions that cover a vast range of people in your business, including:

  • Part-time employees
  • Volunteers and people on work experience
  • Ex-employees (e.g that only become ill now with a condition sustained when they were your employee, like asbestosis)
  • Employees on secondment, working with other firms or abroad
  • Contractors
  • People employed in a personal capacity (e.g to cut your grass)