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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Whether you supply designs, specifications, advice or instructions, professional indemnity insurance is a type of cover that protects your business from any claims relating to the level of service your business provides, including for:

  • Negligence – making mistakes that are easy to prevent, such as giving bad advice
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights – for example, duplicating content or designs of another company and passing them off as your own
  • Defamation – making claims about an individual or organisation that are either untrue or could cause reputational damage
  • Breach of confidence – sharing confidential information with unauthorised personnel, without consent

A professional indemnity insurance policy can help to cover the costs relating to claims made in these instances.

Why is professional indemnity insurance important?

Whilst professional indemnity insurance is not a legal requirement, having it in place can potentially help to reassure prospective clients of your expertise and is a common requirement in order to become a member of a chartered body. Therefore, having this cover could be an important investment into the future of your business – as well as helping to cover the costly fees relating to a legal claim.

Furthermore, we know that it can take a considerable amount of time before complications stemming from professional advice arise and materialise. At NFP, we can help you to source historical professional indemnity cover, giving you peace of mind that your cover extends to previous advice given by your business as well as any advice that you give from the starting date of your policy.

1 in 3

of all data breaches occur because sensitive data is accidentally sent to the wrong person

2 years

the maximum expected length of a professional negligence claim 

Jordans Solicitors


of UK professional indemnity policy holders use insurance brokers to source their cover.

We see ourselves more as your business partner, rather than just an insurance broker

We know that getting good advice is about far more than supplying quotes and managing renewals. At NFP, we look to understand your business and your goals, uncover your risks, and solve your problems as a trusted partner, rather than just place products with you. As your insurance partner, our goal is to ensure....

Your insurance programme is suitable for you

There are no gaps in your cover

you are paying for the right level of cover and not for anything you don’t need

You get the support you need, should a claim occur

Who do we support with professional indemnity insurance?

By choosing NFP to source your professional indemnity insurance, you’re planning ahead, protecting yourself of any future consequences and helping your business continue in the aftermath of an unexpected claim.

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As an SME, you don’t want any mistakes or oversights to jeopardise the growth of your business. We can source professional indemnity insurance that gives you peace of mind and safety in the knowledge that we can help your business survive the storm, should the unexpected happen.

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Large corporations

It could be dangerous to assume that, just because your business is well-established, you are beyond the need of professional indemnity insurance. No matter the size of your operation, mistakes and oversights can happen at any time, potentially leading to costly and stressful legal disputes. As your insurance partner, NFP will sit down with you to fully understand your requirements for cover and help to shoulder some of the hassle involved with staying protected.