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What is PMI (Private Medical Insurance)

In our latest podcast, we sat down with Gurdip Memmi from our employee benefits team, to outline the basics of PMI - what it is, why it’s important and how it’s costed - as well as more advanced considerations and tips to ensure that your PMI offering delivers the most value to both your business and your people.

An overview of the current mortgage market

Buying a property can be deeply exciting - and stressful. Because of the emotional aspect of the transaction, choosing the right mortgage and level of protection can be difficult to do on your own.

An insight into our new health and safety services

We sat down with Jonathan Williams from NFP's health and safety division Direct Safety Solutions Ltd, to see just what services / products they make available to our clients and the valuable guidance they offer to the businesses we support.

An insight into key person insurance

An insight into key person insurance

Almost all businesses, from partnerships to multinational organisations, have people who are essential to its ongoing success. This could be each member of a Partnership - recognising that without the other their business cannot continue trading, or a global business - insuring against the loss of their CEO or Sales Director.