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Helping you find a mortgage if you are moving home

Buying your first home was daunting, but you did it. Moving home with the added responsibility of selling your existing property is something else and can be stressful. If you are looking to move to the dream home or considering downsizing, understanding the choices available to you could determine whether it is possible or not.

The choices you have when selecting a mortgage are complicated, and making the wrong choice could be costly. Our specialists will recommend appropriate solutions from across the whole of the market having access to thousands of rates.

Wherever you are in your property financing journey, we have the options and advice that can make a difference.

NFP can help you:

  • Check affordability whilst ensuring you have sufficient funds to be able to move home
  • Check your mortgage rate, as it may be possible to avoid early repayment charges by porting your existing mortgage
  • Arrange an Agreement in Principle (AiP)
  • Review your protection cover to ensure it is still providing you with the best suitable cover
  • Find your perfect home
  • Finalise your mortgage arrangements
  • With your survey needs
  • With Solicitor / Conveyancer 
  • Co-ordinate your sale and purchase to ensure a seamless transaction

Finding you the right mortgage

With such a large selection of products available in the market, we can advise you on the most suitable lender to fit your specific requirements.

We work with mortgage lenders near and far, acting on your behalf and offering impartial advice on which mortgage is best for you, based on your circumstances. Then we package and present your application to your recommended lender. We stay on hand to assist you with any issues you may have, legal, valuation or otherwise, until you’ve fully completed your mortgage process.

Not being tied to any mortgage lender, we can ensure the right fit is found after completing a comprehensive assessment on you.


Protecting you and your family

Buying a property is a major financial commitment. Having suitable cover to protect you against the unknown could mean the difference between keeping your home or losing it.

We believe that it is vital to underpin the foundations of your mortgage by making sure that you have adequate protection in place. We are here to help you arrange income protection, life insurance and critical illness cover in order to give you peace of mind if you become ill and unable to work long-term. Or if the worst should happen, you can be sure that you and your family are fully covered.

Personal relationships

Personal relationships

Buying a property can be deeply exciting - and stressful. Because of the emotional aspect of the transaction, choosing the right mortgage and level of protection can be difficult to do on your own. With the right partner, you can be prepared for whatever the process may throw your way.

Working with NFP gives you reliable information from an advisor you can trust. Someone who can give you simple yet clear advice. Someone who saves you time, adds value to the whole process and offers a friendly voice for those times when you just want to hear an expert tell you that you are doing the right thing.

We recognise that everyone is different, so our approach will always be specific to you, making sure that our recommendations are suitable to your personal needs whilst giving you the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

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