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Enjoy the security of full coverage, on the road and off.

The business of transportation is complex. Insurance markets have taken a selective and cautious approach to transportation risk and will continue to do so. Your insurance needs to include a wide range of coverage that’s uniquely designed to handle everything from driver safety training to fleet services, motor trade and more.

As motor fleet and trade specialists, NFP is uniquely positioned with direct access to motor-specific markets for both general and specialist fleet services. Our experts are prepared to assess the unique risks and costs of protecting your assets, then identify and provide insurance schemes to support your current and future planning, day-to-day underwriting and claims expertise support. We have the resources and dedicated service teams you need for insurance company negotiations to help custom-build the best insurance program for your business at the best value possible.

Our experienced motor client service team delivers in-house underwriting experience and claims expertise. We will work with you better analyse your risks and put cost-effective strategies in place to mitigate your exposures through thorough on-site and virtual insurance reviews throughout the year, with particular expertise in:

  • Haulage, logistics and courier
  • Motor fleet
  • Motor trade
  • Self-drive and credit hire

Together, we’ll make sure you can keep your focus where it belongs: serving your customers and getting things to where they need to be. Talk with us today about setting up comprehensive protection for your autos, drivers and facilities.

Forward thinking insurance solutions

We pride ourselves on working closely with our commercial clients, taking time to understand their business and growth patterns. This allows us to accurately assess the risks involved and explore how we can mitigate, reduce or eliminate exposure as we help you achieve business aspirations.


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