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Transforming your employee benefits strategy

Developing a powerful employee value proposition (EVP) is just as crucial to your business as building loyalty with your customers. By offering a great working environment, and a suite of employee benefits and wellbeing tools to support your people, you’ll create a culture where your people feel highly valued and motivated, and bring their best selves to work each day.

We have the expertise and insights to help you ensure your benefits strategy is aligned to your business goals; helping you recruit, reward and retain the best talent. In turn, you gain more time to focus on your biggest asset – your people – whilst delivering an employee benefits strategy that meets your ever-changing business needs.

Working with NFP to develop our benefits strategy, and keep evolving it to suit our workforce, has transformed our recruitment programme. Promoting our suite of benefits means we can attract the very best talent.


Strategy and

Ensuring your employee benefits are delivering value for your business is vital, so we help you make the right strategic decisions, at the right time. Monitoring your data across your schemes throughout the year, we can create powerful management information, to track factors such as how many members are enrolled into each benefit, costs for each benefit and how your benefits are being used. Then we’ll use those insights to recommend any changes you need to make to ensure your benefits are engaged with and valued by your people.

Benefits management

Combining the expertise of our Employee Benefits Customer Service team and the power of our inhouse administration technology, we allow your business to outsource the day-to-day administration of your employee benefits and regulatory workplace pension duties.

We’ll handle everything, from employee queries to claims, all the way through to supporting you at your next employee benefits renewal.

Engagement strategies

Our personalised engagement solutions harness personalisation and automation to identify triggers in people’s lives when they need their benefits the
most, and send them the right messages, at the right times, to help them take action.

Whether it is changes to family circumstances, a new home or planning for retirement, we can deliver those messages, or ‘nudges’, that show how their benefits are there to support them through each key event.

Delivering data-led, creative solutions

Delivering data-led, creative solutions

When it comes to your benefits strategy, management and particularly engagement, a personalised, data-led approach to your people is vital in delivering real value for both your people and your business.

Creating and delivering sustainable, long-term employee benefit and financial wellbeing strategies that offer superior employee engagement, competitive pricing and unrivalled client service is at the very heart of what we do.

Unrivalled service and holistic support

People-first strategies, designed for your business

We’ll get to know you and your challenges, no matter where you are across the globe, and we’ll find solutions that are right for you, exactly when you need them. Our expertise is matched only by our commitment to your goals.

Employee benefits platform

More than just an employee benefits hub

AllMyBenefits is the only solution you need to deliver a personalised employee benefits experience for all your people, whilst removing the day-to-day burden of employee benefits management and risk.

Our employee benefits services

Workplace pension management

Workplace pensions

Implement a high quality workplace pension for happier, more focused, more productive employees.

Health and wellbeing benefits

Health and wellbeing benefits

Helping your organisation manage your employee benefits and implement new strategies.

Member engagement

Member engagement

Help employees get the most out of their benefits with engagement programs that work.

Financial wellbeing in the workplace

Financial wellbeing in the workplace

Develop, implement and promote a financial wellbeing strategy that keeps your employees confident.

Global employee benefits

Global employee benefits

NFP delivers a personal level of detail-oriented service that can help you adapt to change at your pace and keep your business thriving in all your global locations.